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Eco Power Group’s Facilities

Eco-Power Group operates two recycling and sustainable fuel plants in South Yorkshire and Humberside, diverting 100% of processed material from landfills. We utilise cutting-edge technology for commercial and municipal waste management.

To reduce excess moisture, most waste is subjected to bio-drying during processing at our facilities. This results in a decrease in waste volume, streamlined processing, and enhanced recovery of recyclable materials. Additionally, this process decreases the moisture content in the alternative fuel products we produce, making them more energy efficient.

These incorporate a range of technologies such as:

  • Trommels & Screens – fines, glass, stone
  • Magnets & eddy current separators – ferrous & non-ferrous metals
  • Ballistic separators – 2D from 3D fractions
  • NIR (Near Infrared Technology) – plastic polymers inc. PVC

There is still no better technology than the human eye. Our manual picking lines, which confirm to the highest health and safety standards, are used to either remove unwanted materials that contaminate recycling streams or to pick additional recyclates. This enables us to optimise the commercial and environmental value of the material we process.

Our subsidiary, Eco-Power Fuels, utilises the material that cannot be recycled in the production of its sustainable fuel products. This ensures the energy value of this material is captured and that virtually none of the material we manage needs to be landfilled. Our alternative fuel products include Eco-Power Pellets, SRF, RDF and biomass products.

Materials used

We collaborate closely with our customers to minimise general waste production, achieved through the enhancement of onsite processes or the implementation of recycling services for mixed or segregated materials.

Eco-Power Group processes all general waste received at our recycling facilities in Yorkshire and Humberside. During processing, recyclable materials are extracted for further processing and  non-recyclable materials are sent to Eco-Power Fuels for the production of sustainable fuels, including Eco-Power Pellets, SRF, and RDF.

Mixed recycling services are easy to use and require minimal space and as a result are offered by many waste managers for both commercial and municipal waste. Eco Power Group’s recycling facilities are capable of sorting 100% of this material into high quality single streams whilst removing any contaminants. These materials are then used by reprocesses in the production of new raw materials and the subsequent manufacturing of new products.

We also process a number of high-volume single stream materials in order to grade them and remove contaminants. These are then transported to reprocessors to be recycled back into new products or used in the production of sustainable fuels. These materials include:
• Paper and cardboard
• Metals
• Plastics
• Wood

Eco-Power Environmental works with a network of fully licensed UK processors to provide collection, recycling and recovery services to a wide range of hazardous waste producers. This includes laboratory chemicals and the waste produced by the manufacturing, automotive, chemical, pharmaceutical and petrochemical sectors.


We firmly subscribe to the philosophy “prevention is better than cure,” prioritising adherence to the waste hierarchy principles and partnering with clients to formulate strategies that prevent waste. We’re committed to stopping waste generation wherever possible.

  • Optimising both the environmental and commercial value of all waste produced is critical.
  • Waste should be viewed as a valuable secondary resource.
  • Waste resources can be utilised in sustainable supply chains or energy production.
  • Collaboration and policy support are vital for a circular economy.
  • We strive to make a positive contribution to the conservation of our planet.

The Eco Power Group family

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