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Eco-Power Skips provide the businesses of South Yorkshire with innovative and sustainable waste management solutions that protect the environment and support the wellbeing of our communities. We are committed to maximising recycling to promote the circular economy and utilising advanced technologies to recover and repurpose non-recyclable waste into sustainable alternative fuels. Our experienced team of waste management consultants are available to provide a full and free evaluation of your waste management needs through our (3) stage approach


Our Process

Stage (1) We utilise our internal network of state-of-the-art recycling and reprocessing facilities across South Yorkshire to extract as much recyclable value from the waste as possible.

After extensive mechanical and manual processing, we are able to recycle circa 80% of the waste that we receive at our recycling facilities,

Stage (2) any remaining waste that is unsuitable for recycling is transferred and subsequently treated at our pioneering Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) pellet production facility. The facility, is at the forefront of waste management, producing high grade alternative fuel pellets that are used by energy intensive industries such as cement kilns and power plants as a direct replacement for fossil fuels such as Coal, Oil & Gas. Our solution with your waste is therefore making a significant contribution towards decarbonisation and lowering C02 emissions.

Stage (3) Any remaining waste fractions unsuitable for the pellet process will be utilised and converted to lower grade refuse derived fuel (RDF). These fuels are used by Energy plants for the production of district heating and electricity generation . The combined processes together with our recycling capabilities, will provide our clients with a 100% Diversion from landfill solution.


Hazardous waste

There are many different legislations in place regarding the disposal of items deemed hazardous. These include; televisions, fridges, gas bottles, liquids, POPs, asbestos and tyres to name a few, so if you are unsure what can be thrown away in our skips just call and we’ll endeavour to assist you.


areas we cover

The Areas We Cover

We offer a 5-star skip hire service to all of South Yorkshire including Doncaster, Rotherham, Retford, Worksop and the surrounding areas.


Zero Landfill Waste

We have implemented Zero Waste to Landfill as part of our process. This focuses on diverting all waste from landfills through recycling, composting, and other methods.


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Find the answers you need to know before hiring one of our skips. If you have a question that hasn’t been answered contact us today, we’ll be happy to help.


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Very good customer service of all the skip on Friday and it came on Monday and we finish packed it up on Monday evening evening and we tell them to come for it Tuesday and they did and they did a brilliant job. I would recommend them to anybody who hire and skip. Thank you.

Sweet Brown

We have used this team several times from various properties around Doncaster. They have invariably been polite and efficient. The prices seem very competitive all the time. i do not readily recommend any operators but they have been faultless to date.

David Watson

Great service, quick delivery and pick up when we wanted, easy to get hold of. Would highly recommend.

Claire Hopkinson
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